About Us


My name is Ruddy. and since 2003, as Small Business Consultant and Strategic Financial Coach, I’ve been showing people how to effectively manage and grow their businesses as well as their finances. My greatest passion has always been to help and empower people to live a life of freedom, abundance, power and purpose.

We’ve helped thousands of people all over America learn how to better grow, save and secure their money, many of whom have gone on to walk away from their dreadful jobs, retired with guaranteed lifetime incomes and live a fulfilling life.

For years now, I’ve blissfully enjoyed coaching people on how to buy back their time, secure their financial freedom and create a fun, fulfilling lifestyle.

A lifestyle that adds value to their families and others. Regardless of their age, background and even if they had little or no spare time or money, we’ve shown them how to win big.

Due to some of my effective strategies and work within the Small Business community, in late 2010, former Illinois Governor Patt Quinn appointed me to run the State’s Business Enterprise Program – a State Agency Bureau that promotes the economic development of diverse businesses – those owned by minorities, women, and persons with disabilities.

In my 3 year tenure as Deputy Director of the Business Enterprise Program, I was able to eliminate an 18 month long certification backlog costing the state millions of dollars per year, as I streamlined the entire business certification process for the State. I also initiated the development and establishment of a Veterans Business Program that would give Illinois Veterans an opportunity to participate in Illinois State Contracts.

I’m married to my girlfriend of 16 years, Rosy and I’m father to 3 amazing children: Josiah, Maira and Ashley.

Apart from these particular roles, the one I’m the most proud of is being a born again believer and follower of Jesus, the Christ.

Today, I’ve been blessed to be able to live a truly wealthy lifestyle. I’ve been enriched in each of the 5 Major Areas of True Wealth; Spiritual, Physical, Intellectual, Financial and Social.

My purpose and passion is to help others experience true wealth and abundance in their lives as well. This is done by providing tried and tested information, tools, training and resources that are proven to bring about change into anyone’s life who is willing to apply them and put them to action