Hello, I'm Ruddy. I help entrepreneurs build freedom-centric businesses.

[ My background story ]

After serving nearly 4 years as the Deputy Director of the Illinois Business Enterprise Program, I spent a little over a decade playing a key role in establishing an $85 million per year insurance agency, which was later acquired as part of a multi-9-figure buyout.

Then, in 2019, I burned out.

Fortunately, a close friend introduced me to Small Business Growth Consulting, re-igniting my passion for collaborating with impactful, growth-oriented businesses to scale their income and bottom line revenues.

I now lead a Strategic Growth Consulting agency implementing a proprietary 5 Step Growth Plan for exponential business growth across multiple areas, driving both profits and success while increasing efficiency in business.

I also create digital products for coaches, course creators and online business owners.

When I'm not working on my business, I'm either a mentor to entrepreneurs in Mercy Corps' Micromentor program, helping them systematize their Marketing, Sales, Operations & Customer Retention or doing what I love most - traveling the world with my wife of 23 years, Rosy, or cuddling with our two dogs, Toby and Tokyo.

I can assist you in four key areas to build Congruent Wealth in your life.

Inner Growth 

Unlock your potential with a growth mindset. Discover tools and techniques that will foster personal growth and new opportunities.

Maximizing Productivity

Optimize your time, boost productivity, and discover proven techniques to work smarter, not harder—achieving more in less time.

Business Strategy 

Having the right strategy from the beginning is crucial to your success.  Create a proper success map and avoid common mistakes most make.

Acquisition & Retention

Mastering client acquisition and retention is the cornerstone of sustainable business growth and success. Let me show you how to do it well.

I'll help you build a business that buys back your freedom. 

Your freedom to opt out of the 8 to 6 life.

Your freedom to do fulfilling work that matters.

Your freedom to build a congruently wealthy lifestyle.

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