April 26

Avoid Being Banned From Google AdSense


Google’s Adsense program is still, after all these years, a superb method to add a potentially lucrative income stream to a site. If you have just launched a site, then you face the task of sending traffic to it and monetizing it in some useful way. So then a clear choice can be Adsense as you really only need to have a good market for monetizing as well as site visitors. If you are totally new to Adsense, then you need to take care that you do not get yourself banned.

Logging on to your AdSense account from a third party computer can make Google think you’re defrauding the system, so avoid doing this. In order to make sure you’re never accused of click fraud, you have to be very conscientious about not taking any actions that could arouse suspicions in this area. For this reason, it’s not a good idea to log in to your account from work, a public computer or one belonging to a friend. If for example you login from your friend’s computer to check your stats, but later on, if your friend visits your site and clicks on your ad, this will be tracked by Google. It’s also best not to log on from any computer that’s part of a proxy network, since if anyone that’s part of the same network ever clicks on your ad, it will be seen as coming from the same IP address.

Google is pretty finicky about their Adsense because they never want anyone openly talking about their CTR’s, earnings per click and other things of that nature. The biggest concern with all of this is to never openly publish or write about the particulars of your account. Really, the only people who would ever want to show a scan of a check are those who are selling something related to Adsense.

The things you need to do and make sure you avoid are clearly spelled out and pretty easy to follow.

Burn one thing in your mind – do not ever edit the Adsense code you put on your site. The penalty for violating that rule is account termination, and they will see it right away. They have their reasons for doing this, and also just consider if millions of publishers were allowed to change the code. All you need to do is apply the code and begin generating traffic. Please do not even think you can engage in keyword stuffing and get away with it. While it’s important to maintain the keyword density of the pages on your site, you shouldn’t go ahead and start to stuff too many keywords into your pages, because that’s a sure shot way to disturb that relationship that you share with Google. If your keyword density is too high, then you could accrue negative SEO points which will not help you. If you are serious about Google Adsense, then you have to merely abide by their rules and take care of it. So, follow the rules that are laid out to you and work hard the right way, and you won’t lose your account.

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