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Eight Ways to Inspire Yourself and Others

Inspiration is everywhere, although it’s not always as easy to spot during challenging times.
It can be easy to get stuck in a rut and, once you get there, it can be difficult to get out. But you can find inspiration for yourself and others all around you.
It’s important to remember that inspiration means different things to different people. What someone finds stimulating, someone else may find little value or beauty in. If you’re going to find your own flash of creativity, you can look for what you’re interested in.

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Will You Help This Little Boy?

My buddy Jason Marshall is doing a great offer for a heartfelt cause.
He recently competed in the web’s first competitive reality show,”The Next Internet Millionaire”.
Jason works full time as a one-to-one aide for my “main man” Petey.
Petey is a 12 year old boy who suffers from a fatal disease called Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

This disease is causing his muscles to be steadily eaten away.
Coming into his late teens, Petey will experience respiratory failure and live dependent on breathing assistance. Cardiac failure is inevitable and his life span… early twenties.
I’d recommend you checkout this site and help support Petey.
Jason has an amazing deal in which he will use the funds to purchase a special van for Petey.
Check it out:
Be Blessed,
Ruddy Ortiz
Ruddy Ortiz

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Grow Yourself, Soul Food, Thoughts For Food

One Of The Secrets To Success…How BAD Do You Want It?

image Slave Girl: “What do you want?”
Achilles: “The same things all men want…only I want it more.”
– Troy, 2004
You want financial freedom, do ya? Interesting. *yawn* So do the masses.
Tell me something more important…
How bad do you want it?
Your real and true answer to this question will tell me your likelihood of ever achieving it. I wouldn’t know how honest your answer is of course unless I saw your facial expression when you responded.
Words lie. Faces don’t.
If you and I were sitting down for lunch and you asked me that question, my answer would send shivers down your spine. You would feel my sincerity and determination in the bitter roots of your twisted soul. There would be no doubt in your mind that there is something different about me and the average Joe.
That’s how bad I want it.


“I can teach anybody how to get what they want out of life.
The problem is that I can’t find anybody who can tell me what
they want.”
– Mark Twain

What is it that you really want? No matter what your average person might respond to this question with, 9 out of 10 people, in reality, want nothing more than to be comfortable.
That simply is not going to cut it.
This world is not a bed or a couch. It is a battlefield.
This is not Romper Room. This is war.

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