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6 Steps To Powerful Positive Self-Talk

Most people in life are in a state of constant mental chatter. We talk to ourselves, in our heads all day long and, unfortunately, this self talk is most of the time negative. Often it is tainted with guilt about our past or anxiety about our future. The problem with this is that this negativity can destroy any seed of hope that we may otherwise have in striving for our dreams.
Positive self-talk means purposely giving yourself positive reinforcement, motivation, and recognition- just as you would do for a friend. Congratulate yourself when you do well, and remind yourself of your abilities, accomplishments, strengths and skills. Keep a to-do list, check off accomplishments, and review your progress periodically.
Make self-talk work for you. What you habitually say to yourself has a very profound impact on your self-image, your self-esteem, and your performance as well as eventual success.
Your subconscious mind triggers physiological responses to match the pictures and thoughts that you have of yourself to make them happen. Make this work for you by keeping your self-talk positive.

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Success Begins In The Mind

Success Begins In The MindSuccess is characterized in various forms, also has many meanings depending on what one is seeking for in his life, relationship and career. To athletes, success can mean obtaining that gold medal, to parents’ success can mean raising children with good moral values, to doctors, success can mean saving a life and to some it can mean a job promotion or acquiring wealth. It actually depends on one’s perspective of the life that one has. Understanding and success perceptions are as abundant as there are stars in the sky.
One apparent thing about success is that every individual has to determine the true meaning of success in his own life. The one’s who walk through life making an attempt to accomplish “success” through someone else’s standards or through the standards of one’s society will continuously be lacking of that successful feeling.
The modern dictionary defines success as that certain measure or degree of achievement or accomplishment or as a desirable and favorable outcome.
One should make a decision on what one truly wants that can offer a desirable or favorable outcome that must be in each aspect of one’s life. To accomplish success, one has to set realistic goals for his life, meaning goals that can be achieved. One should measure success as to how close one comes to accomplishing one’s goals that one has set for himself based on one’s skills and abilities.

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Win the Battle for Your Mind Part 1

Win The Battle For Your Mind“Today I will master my emotions.  I will learn this secret of the ages: “Weak is he who permits his thoughts to control his actions; strong is he who forces his actions to control his thoughts.”  Each day, when I awaken, I will follow this plan of battle before I am captured by the forces of sadness, self-pity and failure…” Og Mandino

You may not be consciously aware of it, but your mind is a battleground where your own contradictory thoughts, mass marketing messages, chemically generated emotions and media manipulations all struggle for dominance.  This battle for your mind is waged daily and influences every decision you make.

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Grow Yourself, Thoughts For Food

5 Elements of the Law of Reciprocity That Control Your Life

Today, I want to share with you a chapter out of my soon coming book “The Irrefutable Power of A Renewed Mind“.This particular chapter deals with some very powerful principles that when applied can truly transform your life like nothing else…
Ruddy Ortiz
“While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease. Gen 8:22 (Modern King James Version)
A man was driving down a road and he almost didn’t see the old lady, stranded on the side of the road. But even in the dim light of day, he could see she needed help. So he pulled up in front of her Mercedes and got out. His Pontiac was still sputtering when he approached her.
Even with the smile on his face, she was worried. No one had stopped to help for the last hour or two. Was he going to hurt her? He didn’t look safe, he looked poor and hungry. He could see that she was frightened, standing out there in the cold.
He knew how she felt. It was those chills which only fear can put in you.

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