April 21

Discover How StumbleUpon Can Help Drive Traffic For Your


StumbleUpon receives huge amounts of traffic and is one of the more popular social sites. This is perhaps the ultimate social proof and sharing sites since the model it operates on involves people recommending interesting news and stories. Those of us who are involved in business on the net can get involved with this site to create traffic to our own sites. Let’s face it; the kind of traffic this site gets is huge, which means that you do have a fair chance of getting a share of that traffic pie for your own website – if you do it the smart way.

When you publish your content, be sure that you do not waste anyone’s time with reading it. You can possibly hurt or help yourself depending on what you say and how you say it. If you cannot clearly explain or describe something, then you need to address that very quickly. This will increase the probability of your links getting more votes, and thus getting more visitors. Keep in mind that most of the people stumbling on the site don’t have much time, so you need to be as clear as possible, so that there is no confusion.

Whenever possible make the effort to exceed expectations, and one thing you can is make your RSS feed buttons highly visible around your content. This is very simple to do, and is a lot like using the RSS feed icons on your blog. These are the basics of social marketing and business networking, and it can be highly effective if you do it properly. The correct way to leverage this social site is to become a true user who completely understands the other users in that particular niche.

Your approach needs to include patience and being regular with your social marketing. Taking regular action is the key to success here as most of the time you’d find marketers complaining that they aren’t getting viable results from StumbleUpon. The fact is, if you’re not going to move forward and take the necessary action, you’re obviously not going to see things work out in your favor.

Also, this is a long term strategy because things will not happen quickly.

There is no doubt that StumbleUpon is a huge resource in terms of potential traffic to your offers. If you work to provide solid content that helps people, then you should not go wrong there. You understand the importance of social marketing on the internet, and that is what you need to apply vigorously at StumbleUpon. There is more you can learn about the social net, but you know enough just from this one article to get you going in the right direction.

Jason Thompson has added steps on online marketing and old-fashioned social marketing. Obtain further information on marketing by visiting his internet shop.


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