April 24

How Best To Comment On A DoFollow Blog


People are using blog commenting for building targeted backlinks since blogs were invented. There are a selection of things you’ll do to increase the quantity of backlinks to your website however commenting on your blog is one among the foremost effective. If, however, you plan to use these backlinks for SEO purposes, you need to focus your efforts on do-follow blogs because comments on different blogs are not counted by the search engines. When you find these blogs you need to form sure that your comments get approved because the hassle being place into the comments you create ought to be value it, right?

If You Can, Give Reference – One of the main reasons that someone gets their comments approved and someone else doesn’t is that the first person is usually a more trustworthy source. So if you can give a reference link to a another blog post, article or a piece of news, there’s no way why your comment would get disapproved. Not only are you offering up your opinion here, you’re also giving your references away for free to the blog’s readers. This will help you sound more authentic and genuine. You are going to be able to get more respect from a blog owner by offering up something that has a lot of value.

Courtesy is Best Used to Your Advantage: It is important that you compliment the post you’re commenting on before you leave your actual comment. Saying a few nice words can go a really long way. This helps the blog owner feel good as soon as they see your comment, even without having to read all the way through it. Not only does this create a good rapport, it will help get more of your comments approved. You should be moderate in your approach and not go over with your compliment; make it look realistic and be genuine in every way. It is important that you don’t just leave a compliment but that you talk about something specific within the post and make sure to express your opinion on it because otherwise the blog owner may very easily mistake your comment for spam.

Comment Once Per Day to One Blog: Avoid posting too often to the same blog, and never more than once in a single day. Since you’re trying to get your comments accepted consistently, you shouldn’t overdo it.

Blogs are very sensitive to being spammed, and that’s what it looks like if you send them too many comments in a short time. That’s why it’s best to make your comments sparingly, and when possible you should try to be the first commenter on a popular topic. Remembering this point will allow you to get a higher percentage of your comments accepted. In conclusion, this article shows you that blog commenting is very important–especially when you do it correctly. You need to take steps to ensure that all of your comments are approved because each and every back link for your site is valuable for your site and blog. Applying what you have learned here will make it easier for you to make sure that your comments actually get approved and help you build back links to your own site.

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