April 28

How To Create A More Trustable Landing Page


Let’s face it; generating on-line sales or leads can be powerful, if you do not have a landing page – it’s as simple as that.

If you have been into Net promoting even for a while now, you must know the price of having a high converting landing page. Several new Net marketers make the error of sending all there traffic to their homepage or a page that actually isn’t build to convert. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that building any kind of landing page will cause your money register to start creating noise, no, you must kind one that your audience can relate to and one that you’ll be able to depend on. The thought of this article is to help you in forming that sort of landing page, that literally helps you get all that you are ready to from your traffic.

Primarily, if you’re putting forth any sort of facts on your landing page, be certain they are confirmable. At the present time, it’s not hard to see landing pages which strongly depose the other merchandise with severe comparisons. Still, if you aren’t able to live up to your allegiances, then it’s apparently going to have a negative effect on your reputation, instead of having positive effect. So if what you’re promising isn’t spot on, then it’s better to omit it rather than be sorry for it in the future, on account that in today’s social media age, bad news can spread rapidly, which will obviously mess up your image. Secondly, add some credibility to your page and show your prospects that you stand by your product by displaying your phone number. Your prospects will appreciate the fact that you are the real deal and capable of being trusted. These prospects will feel more comfortable doing business with someone who isn’t trying to hide behind a webpage. This is also perfect for those prospects who aren’t necessarily net savvy and prefer to take you up on your offer via telephone. If you want your landing page to be highly trusted your phone number is a must.

Lastly, provide co-branding opportunities with affiliates to boost your trust factor and grow your confidence levels too. If the affiliate brand is well known this is a bonus for you since it adds to your credibility as people click through affiliates to get to your landing page this will maintain the affirmations and branding required.

Make sure your landing page is well put together, not thrown in. Testing out your landing page to get long term results, will take a little bit but you will eventually get your strategy down.

Here are some added good tips on online video marketing and old style advertising from Olivia Phillips.


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