April 25

How To Side-Step Google's Iron Adsense Hand


Google has made it all pretty straightforward to monetize a site with their Adsense program, and they provide very detailed instructions on how to do everything. If your site has a good amount of traffic coming in, and has relevant content, there’s no doubt that you will start earning an income from the program. One of the main problems for people who lose their Adsense accounts is they violate one of Google’s rules, or terms of service, and then that is all it takes.

What do you have to watch out for when you are running Adsense on your sites? Can your account get banned for no fault or reason of your own?

One thing you must never do is include Adsense ads in emails sent to your list, or anywhere else. Adsense is a site only method of contextual ads, and there is no getting around that particular rule. Of course online marketers are resourceful, and it didn’t take long to realize that you can put links in emails to websites, or blogs, with Adsense on them, and that is fine to do.

While it may feel good to share your account information with others and feel proud of your earnings, it’s something that you’re not supposed to do as it doesn’t comply with Google’s policy. That also extends to things like photo scans of your income from Adsense, too. It is really all too easy to avoid, and the best thing as we always tell people is to just read the rules and know them.

You should know the rules governing Adsense, and so we are just telling you what is up and what is expected.

When you’re posting the code on your page, don’t have your ads open in a new window when somebody clicks on them; they have to open on the same page. There is nothing you should do about people leaving your site once an ad is clicked on because that is what Google wants to have happen. If you have any desire to make the big Adsense income, then the clear choice is to know their rules and keep to them.

All you need to do is concentrate on doing the business and working with the model. The search engine giant is very firm when it comes down to maintaining quality and relevancy, and the strict measures taken by them clearly show that they aren’t going to tolerate any kind of leniency when it comes down to their policies. So simply do what they want, and you hopefully will earn well using their Adsense program.

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