April 29

Is Social Marketing At StumbleUpon Really Rocket Science?


There are many social networking sites on the web, and StumbleUpon is one of the older ones where people find anything that catches their attention when they’re wandering the internet. Various online businesses like that particular site simply because it represents massive traffic numbers. You will need to lose the mindset of instant profits, and when you are trying to get your foot in the door at StumbleUpon you will need to have your eggs in one basket. But, what in the world is necessary to capitalize on all that targeted traffic?

You probably have heard of tagging, and that is something that will be your best friend at StumbleUpon. The world revolves around appropriate tags, and that is something you should not forget. We know you do not want to lose your credibility there, and that’s possible if your tagging isn’t right and your post ends-up somewhere in left field. Naturally the links you put in your content need to be right because that is an important part of the way it all works. If you learn how to share and people trust what you put out there, then that will go a long way in your marketing efforts.

Whenever possible make the effort to exceed expectations, and one thing you can is make your RSS feed buttons highly visible around your content. This is very simple to do, and is a lot like using the RSS feed icons on your blog. These are the basics of social marketing and business networking, and it can be highly effective if you do it properly. The correct way to leverage this social site is to become a true user who completely understands the other users in that particular niche.

StumbleUpon is really not the place where your main method of operation consists of short-sighted methods. Aim for a larger share of the pie, and don’t create confusion for yourself by trying to game the system. Take a step by step approach and expect results slow and steady; nothing happens overnight. If you are new to internet marketing, then simply learn to persist and stick with what is known to work. Have long term goals and be patient as you go about your promotion.

There is no doubt that StumbleUpon is a huge resource in terms of potential traffic to your offers. If you work to provide solid content that helps people, then you should not go wrong there. You understand the importance of social marketing on the internet, and that is what you need to apply vigorously at StumbleUpon. There is more you can learn about the social net, but you know enough just from this one article to get you going in the right direction.

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