April 24

Landing Pages People Can Trust; How To Create Them


If you are a professional online marketer you understand the significance of a good landing page. You may be marketing anything from ‘stages of pregnancy’ or ‘how to get pregnant‘ digital book to physical products like ‘window shades’ or ‘cordless blinds‘, you will require a good landing page that not only has got to be trustworthy but also has the ability to convert prospects into customers.

Let’s face it; creating online sales or leads can be challenging, if you don’t hold a landing page – it’s that simple.

If you’ve been fascinated by online marketing even for awhile now, you should be aware of the significance of boasting a high converting landing page. Scores of new online marketers have a gaffe of sending all their traffic to their homepage or a page which isn’t really meant to convert. However, that doesn’t mean that creating any kind of landing page will get your cash registers ringing, no, you have to create one that your target audience is able to connect with and one they can trust. The intention of this article is to assist you in creating that type of landing page, which actually helps you get all that you can out of your traffic.

First take the time to think about what information you will ask prospects as they land on your page. The purpose of your landing page is to get you targeted leads, and get your prospects to take action.

This is why it’s important that you ask the appropriate information rather than asking for random information. Your prospects will likely be skeptical of sharing too much information over the internet so make it simple rather than difficult for them. If you can avoid it don’t ask for phone numbers of postal addresses this will scare prospects away fast. The rule of thumb is to ask for as basic of information as possible on you landing page in order to gain their trust before asking for more information. As an example if you want to give away a report on your landing page you’ll need to ask for first name and email address and that’s it. Don’t make the mistake of asking for too many details as this will cause your conversion rate to go downhill fast.

Privacy is a big concern to your prospects, keep their contact information safe and you won’t have to worry about doing anything wrong. Being a good idea, put a link next to the form for your privacy policy and clearly mention that their email address is safe with you. In the past few years, the spam in email addresses have gotten to be out of control as we receive so many daily, so we end up trying to be careful of whom we share information with. Make sure your privacy policy clearly states how you’ll be using their contact information and why your customers matter to you the most. Avoid any messes later on, if you take this step first. You obviously don’t want somebody to come to you and accuse you of abusing their email address and spamming. Being clear when it comes to privacy is a good thing.

Don’t forget, not to exaggerate when it comes to points on your landing page. Be careful when you try to oversell your prospects with your plan of action, it may backfire instead of working for you. When being honest with your prospects and letting them know what products you have and how they can help. Don’t try to impress prospects with false talks, as they may seem like something is fishy. You need to have prospects believe that you have the product they want without the need of overstating. Period.

This article shows, that landing page is a science not an art. Testing out your landing page to get long term results, will take a little bit but you will eventually get your strategy down.


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