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Ruddy Ortiz


Congruent Wealth means to possess wholeness, harmony & freedom in ALL the major areas of your life. Let me show you how you can achieve it!

I've known Ruddy for almost two decades now. His passion to empower people to transcend their mental, spiritual and financial limitations is unmatched. He's truly one of the very best teachers and coaches that I have ever met.


Entrepreneur, Media Personality, Business Coach

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About Ruddy Ortiz

Ruddy is a Small Business Marketing Coach and Strategic Financial Consultant who's helped thousands of people all over America learn how to better grow, save and secure their businesses as well as their money.

For the last 10 years, he's blissfully enjoyed coaching people on how to buy back their time, secure their financial freedom and create a fun, fulfilling lifestyle that adds value to their families and others. 

Ruddy specializes in helping high-achieving leaders and their teams get the vision, alignment, and execution they need to drive extraordinary results without compromising their most important values.

He provides them with proven and proprietary marketing, sales, operations and customer retention systems, as well as financial frameworks, strategies and tools that rapidly scale any business to 6 figure months quickly.