How To Compile An Ever Growing List of Perfect Buyers From Scratch & FOR FREE!

Hi, I'm Ruddy...

I help time strapped Professionals build a “Recession-Proof", high income business that buys back their freedom, creates an amazing lifestyle, and can be ran from anywhere...

...And I have a confession to make:


If you said "me too", then I want you to know you've come to the right place.

You see, I know how important marketing that attracts qualified buyers is.

Without a great strategy that attracts CUSTOMERS (not crappy leads), you'll struggle to make a significant income and, more importantly, won’t make a significant impact on your customers’, clients', or teammates' lives.

Since you're reading this, I have a hunch you and I have a couple of things in common:

You Want To Build a Lean 6-7 Figure Lifestyle Business  

I’m grateful I get to work with thousands of entrepreneurs by teaching them how to build mini offers that attract buyers, and later, sell high ticket products/services to them, or recruit them into their businesses.

You Don't Want To Chase Or Convince In Order to Do It

PERIOD. End of story. What you DO want is to leverage marketing systems and strategies that attract CUSTOMERS, turns them into CLIENTS, and some of them into BUSINESS PARTNERS, all automatically. 

Am I Right?

Why I Ended Up TOTALLY DREADING My Six Figure Income Business...

So there I was, 6 years into my Agency Building career: 

A Multiple Six Figure earner.

I had replaced my full-time income from a no-where State job, I had retired my wife from her 18-year career, and I had replaced my mom's nursing income.  

We were traveling 3-4 times per year to nice exotic places.

Life was good

There was just one problem...

I Was Incredibly EXHAUSTED

You see, I had built my 6 figure business like most are taught to do:

  • Make a list of your WARM market. (98% are NOT your TARGET market)
  • Host Home Meetings (somewhat effective, but very disruptive)
  • Called tons of people (mostly unqualified, uninterested people)
  • Prospect people on the go (pretty awkward, hard for finding leaders)
  • Attend networking events (everybody wants to pitch YOU...)
  • Ask For Referrals (somewhat effective, but most were unfit for me)
  • And a bunch of other old school traditional methods...

To be fair: most of this worked.  I made money. I built a team. It can be done.

However, NONE of what I was doing was EFFICIENT.

It was nothing short of a CONSTANT GRIND.

And that was the problem.

You see, there are two things that everyone has a LIMITED, finite amount of:

  1. TIME

And when you invest MOST of your time and energy in inefficient processes and systems, you end up burnt out.

This is one of the main reasons why most people quit after they start a business - they lack efficient, long term scalable systems to build their business while starting out, and end up totally spent - drained of energy, enthusiasm, and passion.

Now, I have never been the one to give up...I knew I had to find another way to make my business grow.

I kept asking myself:

“How can I reach more quality people, in less time, without becoming exhausted and losing my mind?” 

Anyway, long story short: This is the reason why I created and now teach what I call Buyer Attraction Methods. Thanks to this approach,  frustrated, overwhelmed entrepreneurs have a NEW and BETTER way to connect with their ideal audience and turn them into paying customers and clients.  

Thanks to this approach...

You NEVER EVER have to waste your time with free content marketing and deal with freebie-seekers who don't want to pay a single penny for your products, services or knowledge. 

I'm Focused On Helping Entrepreneurs Get That Coveted ROI Quickly!

Some of My Student's Results


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