April 19

Methods For Enhancing The Level Of Confidence Of Your Landing Page


If you are a seasoned online marketer you understand the great importance of a good landing page. You could be promoting anything from ‘stages of pregnancy’ or ‘how to get pregnant‘ digital book to physical products like ‘window shades’ or ‘cordless blinds‘, you’ll need a powerful landing page which not only must be trustworthy but also be able to convert prospects into customers.

Creating a landing page has become more easy with all of the tools and resources available. More important than the overall design of your page is the trustworthiness of your landing page. Prospects will convert to customers if you utilize the following tips to help them trust you more.

First and foremost, realize that one of the key factors in helping your prospects convert into leads is having a killer design for your landing page. When your page looks professional, you will gain more trust from your prospects. When your general idea on your landing page looks like you have spent a lot of money on your design, then the company behind it has to be good. Don’t do what some people do and make the mistake of not taking the time on your landing page as you want it to look professional. Invest the money on a professional designed who can get the job done for you. Designers are not cheap when it comes to landing pages. The point here is, having a flowing design for your landing page will make your story more believable and the results will be more achievable. When a page feels nice it converts better, but you need to have a good copy as well as a great plan.

It’s important that you get testimonials from existing customers and list them out on your landing page for new prospects to see.

This is a fantastic way to show prospects how others are benefiting from your product or service which can persuade them to convert too. Testimonials are a great way to get your prospects interested in taking the action you desire of them. Most people are afraid of being scammed which makes them skeptical of taking the action you need them to right away. The testimonials you list on your landing page can influence them in a positive manner giving them room to consider taking the action you need without fear of being scammed.

Lastly, provide co-branding opportunities with affiliates to boost your trust factor and grow your confidence levels too. Using affiliates that are well know helps you become more credible especially when clicks come from affiliate sites which can also increase your credibility in the long run. In a nutshell, out of the above article it becomes apparent that forming a landing page is about more than just placing some pictures hither and hitherto, and forming a few paragraphs of you merchandises introduction. It is important for you to take whichever steps you are able to, for creating the trust factor, in order for your prospects to comprehend the message you’re trying to convey to them and most importantly, make a move.


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