April 23

Must Know Tips On Ecommerce Search Engine Optimization


An online business makes profit when an actual sale is made through a website. Getting potential customers on an ecommerce website is possible through a well-planned and thoroughly executed search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. Check out the 10 most popular ecommerce SEO tips below:

1. Provide valuable information to your target customers: Create useful guides, manuals, and tutorials for your target customers. Before spending any money on a product or service, customers prefer to do a background search on the internet. Make yourself available when they are looking for this helpful material on search engines.

2. Find out what your competitors are doing it: Imitate all good things they do and leave out the rest. Check specific keywords targeted by a competitor’s website. Analyze the performance of your competitors for specific keywords. Do not expect someone to provide you with the analysis of a competitor’s SEO strategy. Study all inbound-outbound links to do that.

3. Link building is not as easy as it seems: The quality of links is very important. Rely on a few high PR links instead of hundreds of low quality links.

4. Your anchor text should reflect the content on target page: Build links that enhance organic traffic to your website. Do not create back links that seem more like spam to search engines. Always use meaningful anchor text to target a keyword and change it on some occasions to make it look organic.

5. Do not focus on quantity alone; quality is equally important: Your ecommerce website will start getting links naturally if you publish great content. Bloggers, forum moderators, and community members on the web will link back to your website pages if you publish great content.

6. Formulate an ecommerce SEO strategy and act on it: It is important to stay focused on one type of technique at a time. The results of an SEO strategy cannot be evaluated and improved if you are not consistent for some time. However, do not overdo anything. Search engines don’t like it when you overdo search engine optimization.

7. Learn to use some popular webmaster tools: Identify the weakness of your SEO strategy or implementation and make improvements. Webmaster tools can provide great insights on how well you are performing. You will know immediately if a web page on your website was a hit for some keyword or if your website was getting great traffic for some additional keywords.

8. Publish feedback and reviews of customers: Create balanced reviews and avoid excessive self-admiration to create natural follow-ups from people on the web. You can publish these reviews on a number of websites, blogs, and forums.

9 .Sponsor people and websites related to your niche: Spend cautiously if you want paid back-links. Not all back links from blogs and websites deserve your hard earned cash. Perform a background check on the site’s performance before purchasing back links.

10. Your close associates will link to you naturally: Personally ask your friends and partners to link back to your ecommerce portal if they don’t do it on their own.

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