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"Ruddy! WHAT Business ARE YOU IN?!"


We have received your application and I"ll be reviewing it in the next 24-48 hours. We'll see if my "MoneySMART Movement" team will be a good fit for you.


You should have an email right now with some of the initial training from week #1 of the MSM program! Dive into it now and start learning so you'll be ready when they call!


You have the chance to join my team RIGHT NOW. I just ask that you watch the video here so you can know WHAT we're all about. This ISN'T a normal offer and we're NOT a normal team.

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 Skip The Line, Call Us Now: 708-966-8896

*** We Require A Phone Call With You Before We'll Hand Off Our Systems, Scripts, And Training ...

We often receive 89+ applications per month and we contact them in the order they come...

But... If you're like me at all, and you're impatient and know that this is something that MUST happen, then skip the line of applications in front of you and just call us now...

It'll give you a chance to skip the STACK of applicants ahead of you (because you're taking the time to go through this course)

So, you have the chance to become part of my team RIGHT NOW. I just ask that you help us FIND you in our stack of applications, by calling us now 708-966-8896. This is NOT a "normal" business opportunity and we are NOT a "normal" team...

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Juliana Stewart

Business Analyst at Misoft Consulting

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