Refund Policies

Courses, Workshops, and Trainings

Due to the nature of our Courses, Workshops, and Trainings, we do not offer any money back guarantee and no refunds will be issued. The prices of our Courses, Workshops, and Trainings are intentionally kept low compared to market value in order to make them accessible to a wide audience. 

Immediately upon signup you have access to knowledge and trainings that will immediately provide you with the value advertised in that particular Course, Workshop, or Training. 

Inner Circle Membership

When you sign up for Inner Circle, you immediately gain access to a whole library of information where most of the content is only available to active Inner Circle members. You also gain access to downloadable tools, a community of members who openly share their experiences, and to Inner Circle live streams and office hours.

Because of the nature of this product, we can’t provide refunds for Inner Circle.

No partial refunds are given should you terminate a subscription before your renewal date; however you will retain access to Inner Circle until the end of your payment term.

Protecting You as a Member

Some people would like to access Inner Circle trainings, download the tools, watch the content, and even search the community for sensitive information shared by other Convology Pro members, only to request a refund. This policy protects Inner Circle members by keeping out those people who would take advantage of others.