April 25

Techniques For Getting More Prospects To Rely On Your Landing Page


If you’re a veteran web marketer you know the importance of a good landing page. You can be marketing anything from ‘stages of pregnancy’ or ‘how to get pregnant‘ guide to physical products like ‘window shades’ or ‘cordless blinds‘, you will need a high quality landing page that not only should be trustworthy but also be capable to convert prospects into customers.

Making your landing page more trustable is no longer difficult with the various tools and resources available to you. But it’s not just the design of your landing page that’s important, you also need make the page trustable. Prospects will convert to customers if you utilize the following tips to help them trust you more.

First and foremost, determine what information you will be asking to your prospect once they land on your page. The sole reason to have a landing page is to gain targeted leads and allow prospects to take action.

For this reason it is important that you ask only the most important information instead of everything under the sun. People are skeptical about sharing personal details on the internet so you’ll want to make the information you ask for simple so as not to overwhelm prospects. If you can keep from asking personal information such as phone numbers and addresses as this can scare prospects away. You can wait til you have earned their trust before asking for more information as a basic rule of thumb. One example of the type of information you might ask for when giving away a free report is simply a first name and email address. Don’t make the mistake of asking for too many details as this will cause your conversion rate to go downhill fast.

Secondly, obtain endorsements on your landing page from renowned individuals in your niche or even outside of it. Your most important goal here is to build a feeling of dependability on your landing page and crate reliability. When you allow your target audience to be aware that legendary individuals are acquainted with your product and are actually suggesting it, it will make a difference. This is a vigorous method for not just developing a trusting relationship with your prospects, but it is furthermore about laying down a strong foundation for your future business. This is the only argument for coming across famous people vouching for brands around the planet; people have a fixation with famous people, therefore they have a fixation with your landing page as well.

Allow your affiliates the opportunity to co-brand with you in order to increase the trust factor that much more as well as boost your confidence levels. This aids in two ways, maintaining consistent affirmation and branding for those who click through affiliate links and adds another visible partner to your landing page which increases your credibility.

Concisely, out of the above article we discern the ins and outs of forming trustable landing pages. It’s pretty apparent that a high number of webmasters do have bloopers with their landing pages, and end up losing clients and leads. So if you would like to stay ahead of the others and actually transform your traffic then it’s time for you to pay attention to your landing page and form the necessary confidence.


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