April 25

The Best Way To Comment On DoFollow Blogs


Commenting on do-follow blogs has long been an accepted methodology of gaining backlinks to your own website or blog. The most effective issue regarding using this particular technique is that while it won’t take abundant time now it yields future results later. Imagine, if you simply touch upon 10 do-follow blogs each day, you may be in a position to generate 300 targeted backlinks to your web site at the tip of the month. Obviously, however, to get the foremost from do-follow blog commenting, you need to create sure that all of the comments you allow truly get approved.

Blogs With Comment Friendly WP Plugins are Best: You only want to comment on blogs that are really worth your time. The only blogs you should be commenting on are those that meet certain criteria.

When you look at a blog, check for phrases such as “comment luv,” “top commenters” or “keyword luv,” as these are comment-centric WP plugins. These plugins mean that the blog is encouraging comments, so it’s likely that any comment you leave will be approved.

When You Post Links, Make Sure They’re Short: Blog comments that have links to pages with long URLs are less likely to be accepted. Links of this kind have the appearance of spam, or possibly something even worse, like a virus.

So stick to shorter URLs when you leave comments, and be clear about what every link is for. The best way to get more of your comments approved, and at the same time get your URLs noticed by the search engines, is to use relevant keywords in your links.

Comment Once Per Day to One Blog: Avoid posting too often to the same blog, and never more than once in a single day. Since you’re trying to get your comments accepted consistently, you shouldn’t overdo it.

Blogs are very sensitive to being spammed, and that’s what it looks like if you send them too many comments in a short time. That’s why it’s best to make your comments sparingly, and when possible you should try to be the first commenter on a popular topic. Remembering this point will allow you to get a higher percentage of your comments accepted.

In summary, from the above article we can clearly come to understand the art of commenting on blogs, and getting them approved so that you get the credit for your effort. Whenever you submit comments to a blog, always remember that you have to add some value to the discussion, as this is the best way to get your comments approved. If you go out of your way to make comments that truly add something relevant to the discussion, you’ll find that they’re almost always approved.

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