March 31

The Power of Faith and Belief


The Power of BeliefNapoleon Hill said, “There is a difference between wishing for a thing and being ready to receive it.” No one is ready for a thing until they believe they can acquire it.
Before anything can come to us, we have to envision it and believe that it is ours.

Many individuals have written out their visions, just as you did, and never achieved anything. Why did others succeed when they did not? What makes the difference? Why are some people
incredibly successful, while others continue to struggle and never really

It’s not that God is playing favorites, reaching down and touching a select few. Often, the people who succeed are those with the strongest faith.

Unbending belief and unshakable faith are the essential elements in bringing your vision into physical reality. All great achievers have an absolute belief that their visions
will manifest. They know without any doubt that their dreams will come to them.

These people don’t waste time having faith one minute, and then allowing themselves to sink back into fear or doubt the next. That would only attract confusion and anxiety.

Great achievers focus only on their visions and fire those visions with faith…
regardless of their current circumstances. They know that it’s only a matter of
time before their visions manifest in physical form.

Commit to being one of the few who achieve versus the many who talk. Strengthen your faith and self-belief. Regardless of current circumstances, you must KNOW that you will
succeed. Your belief will create the fact!

To your continued wealth
and happiness,

Ruddy Ortiz


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