April 19

The Proper Way To Ask Bloggers For Links


Blogging is one of the best ways to contact your target audience. This cannot be disputed. However, the main problem that bloggers have these days is not getting enough traffic and exposure for their blog posts. Getting the correct type of viewers to your post is very important. This is because without this, your blog will be useless. In order to achieve that, as a blogger, you should seek out to network with other bloggers. Get back referral traffic by asking them for links. Getting a backlink from another relevant blog will help you immensely. It will not only get your blog exposed more, but it will directly get you more coverage per the search engines.

Most importantly, keep in mind that you are not the only person that can supply the most recent information available to the blog that you are contacting and targeting. Most of the popular bloggers tend to receive the same story from multiple sources. So instead of sweating it out to be the first one, try to be different from the others. The more you work at getting unique information, you will get more responses from other blog owners. But a lot of times, no matter how you choose to do it, you will not be the person to contact each respective blogger. So, just go to the next thing on your list. It’s no biggie. Bloggers are busy people. In order to get their attention, it is essential that you make your emails different by customizing them. It is incredible what utilizing the name of your blogger can do. This shows that you are not spamming, but are taking the necessary time to research the blogger you are trying to contact. Let the blogger see that you have gone far and beyond the others and that you emails are tailored to their needs. Quite naturally, this will satisfy the blogger. They will feel respected. Sending out an arbitrary email without any tailoring is the same as online cold calling. That is not far from spamming.

Lastly, every link that you send out to bloggers needs to be highly relevant and useful. Be very choosey when forwarding your posts. This is because a credible blogger will not want to link to generic content or any that will not provide real value to their readers. This is a chance for you to build a relationship with the other bloggers. So do not let them form a bad opinion about you. Make sure that the blogger belongs to your relevant niche, and not someone random. The more targeted you are in your approach the better.

Getting links from bloggers, then, is really quite simple if you follow the guidelines we’ve covered here. It’s all quite straightforward, and there’s nothing to fear. All you have to do is take the first step, which is to email bloggers in your niche and introduce yourself.

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