April 19

The Right Way To Comment On DoFollow Blogs


Commenting on blogs is a nice methodology for boosting your traffic to your web site (like with the search engines). Of course, after we speak concerning search engine traffic, we all understand that that’s concerning making relevant back links to your web site and commenting on blogs can facilitate your achieve that. The matter is that commenting on all blogs isn’t going to help you; the blog desires to be a “do follow” blog if you want the link to point out up within the search engines. You need to create certain that you simply target blogs that aren’t marked as “no follow.” Since tracking down these kinds of blogs is not straightforward, you wish to create certain that the comments you allow get approved.

Blogs With Comment Friendly WP Plugins are Best: When you’re searching for blogs, your aim should be to find the best. You don’t want to comment on all of them, only those that are worthwhile.

When you look at a blog, check for phrases such as “comment luv,” “top commenters” or “keyword luv,” as these are comment-centric WP plugins. Blogs that use these plugins are much more open towards accepting comments and getting approved on them isn’t that difficult. Choose Relevant Blogs: When you make the decision to leave a comment on a specific blog, make sure that the blog relates to the same topic that your site centers on. Be sure that the blogs you target for commenting actually relate to the niche you have chosen for your own site. Relevant backlinks always weigh more on the search engines than random back links. Of course, this does not mean that you should not comment on a blog post that is highly ranked simply because it is not in your niche; you just need to make sure that the blog is something that you are actually interested in and know about. Every backlink counts in some fashion, even if it doesn’t come from your target niche.

Look for Blogs with Good History – There are lots of blogs out there that won’t allow comments unless they know the commenter in some form so you shouldn’t waste your time on these blogs. Look for blogs whose owners have a long history of approving comments that are nicely composed. This is going to save you lots of time and help you focus only on the blogs that will allow you. Don’t let your emotions get the better of you; be straightforward with your efforts in blog commenting. You need to be really practical with how you approach the activity. In summation, this article clearly shows you just how to make the most out of do-follow blogs; you need to comment on them correctly and put a lot of effort into having those comments approved. Slowly but surely you will be able to create tons of backlinks to your website by ensuring that your comments get approved. Don’t underestimate the power of blog commenting, it can take you places if you work on it effectively and follow what we’ve discussed here.

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