April 25

Thinking Out Of The Box With Offline Marketing


The Internet marketing world is always open for new opportunities when it comes down to getting more sales, achieving more exposure and increasing reach. Lately, there has been great interest in offline marketing methods, and using them to promote online products.

Offline marketing to drive traffic to online businesses has huge potential and is largely ignored by most people. The numbers of people who largely ignore the web is still pretty massive, and that is why you can get their attention offline.

Business cards are a proven approach to slowly but surely gain extra exposure for your business. Basically you do exactly what has been done for many decades, take some with you wherever you go and distribute them. We would suggest your card look somewhat similar to your website, and all your contact information obviously needs to be there.

Make it a point to engage in business related networking so you can meet as many people as possible. Thanks to the smart phones that we have today, people that are interested in your company may visit your website right there and then.

Few things can surpass the power of people telling other people about your business. There are tons of ways to make people talk about you, and it all starts with making an excellent first impression. You can actually almost force people to spread the word about yourself if you use the right approach with them.

For anyone who is offering drivers free auto insurance quotes or car insurance quotes online, it’s also possible to try out offline marketing. Get your printing service provider to print leaflets and feature your site URL. Hire individuals to drop these leaflets around carparks. Your call of action should be ‘get free multiple online car insurance quotations to get the best price comparison’. You can go a step further to attract these drivers to visit your site by offering free information products like on ‘how to cut costs on car maintenance’, etc.. You could be pleasantly thrilled at the response you will generate using this method.

Have you ever stopped to think about hiring an offline sales force to perform marketing for you? Many people will work for a commission only, and that is something to explore. This is one approach that we have seen a number of industries operating in. Whatever route you choose to go with, as long as you have a bit of investment ready with you, this is an excellent method to market your online business and take it to the next level with the help of offline marketing.

As you can see, it is clear that offline marketing is something you can do and get great returns. How well you do will depend on your particular approach. Just remember that people will not be used to what you are doing, but they will learn in time for sure. There is simply no reason to ever feel like you need to hurry up and get it done because it does not work that way.


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