April 20

Top Strategies For DoFollow Blog Commenting


Blog commenting has always been an effective way to gain targeted backlinks to your website or blog. There are lots of options for growing the number of backlinks to your site but blog commenting is one of the most popular. However, to truly make this strategy work for SEO purposes, you need to focus completely upon do-follow blogs because comments left on other blogs don’t get recognized by the search engines. When you find these blogs you need to make sure that your comments get approved because the effort being put into the comments you create should be worth it, right?

Search for Blogs with Comment Centric WordPress Plugins: You’re looking for those blogs that will do your own site the most good. There are lots of blogs to choose from, so you need a way to select the most appropriate ones.

One way to find good blogs is by looking for those that use comment centric WP plugins, which have names like “top commenters,” “keyword luv” and “comment luv.” These plugins mean that the blog is encouraging comments, so it’s likely that any comment you leave will be approved.

Aim for Blogs With Recently Approved Comments: You obviously don’t want to waste your time going after blogs that aren’t active. That’s why you want to look for recent comments, so you know that you’ve found an active blog. Then you can be sure that people are visiting the blog and the owner is watching it. When you post your comment, you want it to get approved as soon as possible, but if the blogger isn’t accepting new comments or isn’t available, you won’t get any returns. When you notice this factor, you’ll be able to get better results from this strategy.

Avoid General Comments: Bloggers are tired of dealing with comments that say “good stuff” or “thanks”. This just shows you that you are not at all concerned about the blog post at all and will certainly keep your blog post from being approved. Unless you’re willing to make sure your comment is valuable, it won’t get approved. Make sure that the comments you leave are directly related to the posts you’re reading so that the owner of the blog knows that you have read and understood what she or he has posted.

In conclusion, from the above article we can clearly come to understand what it takes to have your comment approved on every do-follow blog that you target. If you know how to approach it, blog commenting is a very beneficial strategy to use for building links and improving your site’s rank. Commenting on do-follow blogs is a simple yet powerful way to build backlinks, and you can begin doing it right away.

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