April 26

Useful Tactics For Using Facebook to Promote Your Business


Facebook is currently one of the most important business marketing tools around. If you do not use Facebook to your advantage then you will definitely be missing out on something important. But what is the right way to use it?

Be Yourself, Not a Corporation -Social networking is about individuals connecting with each other, so it won’t help if you appear to be a large, anonymous company. If you’re a 27 year old Internet marketer that lives in New York, that’s who they want to get to know, not the company that you run. Keep in mind that Facebook is a social rather than a business network, so its members are there to talk, share and form friendships with each other. So your aim should be to become a part of this social community and give your target market what they are looking for in the most personalized manner.

Have a Purpose: before you use Facebook to promote yourself, you need to make sure you understand your main objective. What’s your main purpose behind using Facebook for your business? Is it brand building? Boost your traffic numbers? Acquire extra leads? Make more money? When you understand your purpose clearly, it becomes far easier to get the results you desire most.

Facebook gives you the opportunity to create a custom or vanity url for your page, and you can use your primary keyword for this purpose. This is a way to get your keyword ranked highly in the search engines by having it in your url. Besides that, people that first see your Facebook page url will clearly know what your page is about. So make effective use of the vanity url to get the best results as it helps you create your own brand. Facebook is Everywhere: Facebook’s reach is so wide ranging that it is important you remember that you are always dealing with a global audience. No matter what steps you take towards talking with your friends and fans, you need to remember that it is important that absolutely everyone understands your message.

The tips we’ve covered in this article can be applied to help any business gain publicity and gain a growing number of targeted prospects. It makes sense to utilize as many promotional strategies as possible for your online business, but nowadays it only makes sense to include Facebook, considering its vast reach and potential. There’s no better option than Facebook marketing for publicizing your business and reaching large numbers of prospects who are interested in what you have to offer.

Jame Murphy is the owner of these two online marketing and conventional merchandising web sites. Obtain additional tricks on selling by traveling to those online shops.


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