October 23

What is YOUR Mindset?


What Is Your MindSet?Your mindset is totally unconscious, and yet it drives ALL actions and subsequent results in your sales profession as well as your life. While there has been much talk about mindsets in the last ten years, very few people know what they are and even less know how to address and change them.

Briefly, your mindset is the combination of your experiences, values, beliefs, self-image, attitudes and habits that are lodged in your unconscious mind. They determine every action and every result you have in your life. You can typically double or triple your results by dealing with the foundational CAUSE. I have witnessed this time and time again.

I am not suggesting that skills are not important… they are.
But ONLY if they are laid upon a firm foundation of winning thought. This is much more than just motivation or “positive thinking.” If you want to change or improve your results, you must change and improve yourself at the CAUSAL level. Your mindset is the cause! Long-term success is not about acquiring new skills… it’s about shifting your mindset. Success is about creating and sustaining a winning mindset.

1. Begin by asking yourself what you really want and why you
have not yet achieved it in your life.

2. If you had to guess, what has held you back? What belief or
experience has limited your potential?

3. Live a reflective life. All who become great have done so
after taking the time to reflect on their daily actions and
results. At the end of each day ask yourself, “What did I
learn today? How can I use this information in the future?
What will I do differently next time? How will I improve?”

“To ignore the power of paradigms [your mindset] to influence your judgment is to put yourself at risk when exploring the future. To be able to shape your future you have to be ready and able to change your paradigm [mindset].”

–Joel Arthur Barker (Author of Paradigms)


James Arthur Ray, CSP: Master of the Entrepreneurial Mindset and author of “The Science of Success.” Accelerating personal performance and spiritual growth.



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