April 19

What You Can Do To Prevent Your Adsense Account From Getting Banned


Google has made it all pretty straightforward to monetize a site with their Adsense program, and they provide very detailed instructions on how to do everything. If your site has a good amount of traffic coming in, and has relevant content, there’s no doubt that you will start earning an income from the program. One of the main problems for people who lose their Adsense accounts is they violate one of Google’s rules, or terms of service, and then that is all it takes.

What do you have to watch out for when you are running Adsense on your sites? Can your account get banned for no fault or reason of your own?

It’s not uncommon to see webmasters trying to stuff their page with as many AdSense ads as possible, however, this doesn’t really go well with the program. The limit for ad boxes is two while you cannot put any more than three ad units on a page.

You should never have so many ads that it takes away from your site and annoys the reader.

Keep things relevant at all times and not just with Google because when you think about this it really is all about being targeted. You also want to have the best results, and so that translates into providing content that is relevant to your target market. You want a high CTR for your ads, and you can help that along by making your site content targeted to whatever your site theme happens to be. Also, don’t have more ads on your site than the content. Place your content first, and Google will crawl your site and determine what kind of ads to run.

You should regularly monitor your AdSense account and watch for any unusual or strange looking activity to be on the safe side. It’s crucial to let Google know if you ever notice something that looks wrong to you. You shouldn’t be afraid to report the details of what’s going on, as you’re just reporting something you’ve noticed and you’re volunteering this information. On the other hand, if you don’t inform them and they find out about it, this can make you look guilty and then your account could be permanently banned. As we’ve seen, if you want to keep your account with AdSense, you have to be cautious and be aware of activities that might cause you trouble. Marketers who achieve the best results with AdSense are those who have figured out that the best strategy is to work with Google and not against it, and who learn how to get the most lucrative ads on their sites rather than trying to cheat in some way. Now that you know what to avoid, you shouldn’t have anything to fear when it comes to your AdSense account and you can focus on making money from it.

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